theleading coal producing province

Guizhou is the only destination in China from Lonely Planet's 2020 Top 10 recommendation list.  The people are as diverse as the 18 ethnic minorities live here. Most of the Guizhou Ethnic Minorities still keep the thousands of years' traditional customs which is not easy to see in China now. Here nearly all the traditional ethnic groups' festivals are still keep the original face and not used as the advertisement of government as tourism promotion yet. Except the special custom experience you have, you can also have chance to visit the amazing natural sites here. The first recommendation is the large scale of rice terraces field in Guizhou, we would say that Guizhou has the largest amount of rice terrace fields in China. But it cannot say as natural site completely, because it also combined with the Guizhou people's wisdom. Except that, Guizhou also has the largest waterfall and Karst Cave in China. So, if you come and visit Guizhou, you can either feel the well-keeping traditional custom and explore the real life of local people, or appreciate the breathtaking landscape view. That's why Guizhou Province is China Adventure Specialist's first recommended destination in China.

China Adventure Specialist has an Italian serious groups come to visit Guizhou province for 11-13 days 3 or 4 times a year, mainly attending their local festivals, nearly all of the members love Guizhou very much, because here you can see many authentic sides of China, not only the famous and touristic places, but also the innocent, pure and friendly heart of the local people.


Suggestions for tailor-made your Guizhou Tour

Our Travel Consultant Janet Chan is quite familiar with Guizhou. She went there 3-4 times a year and visited all the parts of Guizhou Province with her groups and individuals.  Here are some inspirations from her travel experiences:

Minorities and theirliving areas

MiaoMinority—Near Leishan & Danzhai, Taijiang &Jianhe

SuogaMiao (The branch of Miao Minority) – Liuzhi

DongMinority—Near Congjiang&Liping


YaoMinority – Congjiang & Leishan

Natural &Cultural Scenery Baiheng Rice Terrace Field

ZhenyuanAncient Town which famous for its night view

FlyingClouds Temple (The best season is at the end of Oct and in the beginning ofNov)

XiaoQi Kong Scenic Spot in Libo

Important Big &Famous Festivals and authentic local festivals

Jan03-19At least 10 ethnic minorities’ festivals held in these period as it is new yearperiod


Jan10Lusheng Festival in Suoga Miao Area in Liuzhi


Jan14& Jan15 Fire Dragon Festival 


Jan14&15 Lusheng Festival in Qingman


Jan16-20Lusheng Festival in Zhouxi


Mar15-17Sister Festival


Sep27-29Lusheng Festival in Gulong


AroundNov10, Miao’s New Year Festival in Leishan


Nov-Jan,next year  Guzang Festival in Leishan,Congjiang, Rongjiang. Gaopai Miao People would celebrate Guzang Festivalsolemnly in 2021


OurHighly-recommended Guizhou Tours

Thefollowing routes are based on our deeply exploration of Guizhou and combinedwith our before clients’experiences in order to make your trip bright andshining.





GuizhouTravel Tips:

Thebellowing tips might helpful for you to plan your Guizhou Trip


Best time for traveling:

Mar20-31,Apr, May, Aug20-31,Sep,Oct

Remark:  The rice field would be irrigated from theend of Mar to Apr, so it’s would be the best time for shooting the light of theshadow. And rice seeding transplanting would be started in May, the rice filedis blooming for harvest and start to turn golden color since the end of Aug,and whole Sep, and the farmers would reap the rice at the beginning of Oct. Soif you come and visit Guizhou after Oct10, all the rice field would becompleted the reaping.


The Temperature:

Thecapital city of Guizhou province is Guiyang, because of the special geographicalposition, Guiyang is a city boast as no freezing cold in winter and notextremely hot in summer. Comparing with most of the cities in China, Guiyang isa cozy city for living. Because of the mountainous geography form, thetemperature is a bit lower if you travel some remote villages inside themountains.


Hotel& Restaurants: There are several international chain 5* hotels in Guiyang,but not the other cities in Guizhou Province. The hotel standard in GuizhouProvince is a bit lag behind compare with other tourism developed districts.But home stay provides you a unique experience to make your trip valuable andunforgettable. Because the authentic local experience is the most cherish one!


AsGuizhou is humid in most time of the year, so the sour and spicy food is quitepopular here. Beef in sour soup is one of the typical Guizhou cuisine. We alsocan order un-spicy food for you but maybe not as delicious as spicy food. Somevillages in remote area only can provide local cuisine, mostly the chicken withbones.


Sunday Market in Kaili – The Sunday Market in KailiCity (Guizhou Province) is one of the largest Sunday markets in China, theother one is in Kashgar, Xinjiang Province. One of the distinctive charactersof this market is the locals mostly wear their ethnic minority costumes tojoin in the market from surrounding villages. The markets sells varieties ofgoods including fresh food, vegetables, fruits, handicrafts,  Silver Ornaments,herbs, ethnic clothing,  live poultry and musical instruments.  And the most worthwhile visiting areas are thoseones selling embroidery, handicrafts including bamboo weaving. The live poultryarea is also interesting as you would have chance to see the chicken fighting competitionbut you might find the sanitation condition is not as ideal as you expect. Butwe still encourage you to take a look as you might find something impressive.


Gifts to local people when you visitthe villages:We do suggest you to bring some gifts like necessities of life, towel, comb,soap box or pencil sharper, toys for children if there is any home stay orvillage visiting during your trip. Cash is not recommended. Gifts are morewelcome.


Mosquito in Summer Time: As Guizhou is anundeveloped area, so please kindly prepare Insect Repellent before arrival ifyou travel in Summer Time (May to Sep). But whether you need to take anyvaccine before traveling China, we suggest that you consult your doctor at least6 weeks prior to your trip to get professional medical advice. 


Toilets: In some of the home stay we includedin our itinerary, there is only dry toilet is provided. As in most of theremote areas in China, we still use dry toilet to produce biogas which is goodfor local agriculture.


Shower Facilities:Most of the home stay we provided with shower room provided, only a few placeslike Yangkai Miao Village still without shower facilities provided. 


Why Shanxi with such lots of cultural relics?
With the great wall bordering the north, the Gobi desert tothe Northwest and its distinctive geography, Shanxi occupied a strategicposition for nearly a thousand year. Shanxi is also one of the birthplacesof China civilization. Now Shanxi is theleading coal producing province in China, so you might feel the air here is notas fresh as other provinces. But the local government spent great effort toimprove the environment and air quality in recent years. So we still stronglyrecommend Shanxi to you to know more and deeply about Chinese culture.
Shanxi Province could bedivided into 3 parts. North, Middle and South. North Shanxi is the most famoustourist part at present which famous for its magnificent Buddhist culture andarchitecture featuring Yungang Grottoes, Hanging Temple, Huayan Temple andYingxian Wooden Pagoda, middle of Shanxi is famous for its merchant culture .The Culture of Shanxi Merchants is one of the commercialcultural systems in Chinese history, the representative scenic. sites are ChangFamily Courtyard and Pingyao Ancient Town. The South Shanxi is South Shanxi iswell known for its traditional Chinese ancestral roots culture and there arealso several well-worth sites like Feihong Tower in Guangsheng Temple, HongdongCounty, and the delicate fresco in Yongle Palace, Yuncheng City.
Yungang Grottoes
Huayan Temple
Hanging Temple
Nowit’s quite convenient to travel Shanxi Province, we newly opened the bullettrain between Beijing and Datong (2 hours and 20 mins duration), Datong toTaiyuan, Datong to Pingyao, Pingyao to Yuncheng and Yuncheng to Xian, all connectedwith bullet trains. But as we do not have local English speaking guide in eachplace, most of them from capital city Taiyuan, so we suggest you to use privatecar transfer when you traveling Shanxi Province but not taking bullet train.
Suggestionsfor tailor-made your Shanxi Tour

OurTravel Consultant Janet Chan spent 8 days to explore Shanxi Province inAug,2019. Traveling from north to south part and done the inspection to somenot so famous sites but found actually Shanxi Province is a land of treasures.Bellowing are our recommended trips after on-the-spot inspection.

Shanxi Travel Tips:
Thebellowing tips might helpful for you to plan your Guizhou Trip
Best time for traveling
The Temperature
Food in Shanxi
Hotel & Restaurants
Picture Taking in nearly all thecultural relics
Best time for traveling

As the main attractions in Shanxi Province aremostly cultural relics, so anytime in the year is ok for traveling. But ShanxiProvince locate in the northern part of China, so since from the end of Nov,the temperature would go down till the end of Feb. And the weather starts toget warm after the mid of March. Jul and Aug are hottest summer time, also thepeak traveling season due to the student summer vacation, but there are not toomany tourists in the culture relics all in all as the scenic spots in ShanxiProvince is not so famous in Chinese except Yungang Grottoes and HangingTemple.

Hukou Waterfall is one of the importantnatural scenic spot in Shanxi Province which is good time for traveling only inMay to Oct. But as Jul and Aug are raining season, the scenic spot mighttentatively close to tourists if water volume is too large. And tourists couldappreciate the blossom peach flower in Apr and May.


The Temperature

Shanxi Province has a cold and dryclimate which is typical climate in northern China. The hottest two monthsare Jul and Aug, the highest temperature is around 30-33℃ (86-91℉) except some extremely hot dayswhich is unusually happened. The southern part (Linfen, Yuncheng) are hotterthan middle and northern part.

Food in Shanxi

Shanxi Cuisine features a wide varietyof wheaten food,hence the name the “land of wheaten food.” A saying goes like this: “Shanxiproduces a hundred kinds of wheaten food, and each kind offers a hundredtastes.”So you would definitely have chance to try wheaten food cook indifferent ways when you travel in Shanxi.

Hotel & Restaurants

Nicehotels are available in Taiyuan (Capital City), Datong and Pingyao Ancient Townas these are 3 famous tourist places in Shanxi Province. Linfen and Yunchengwithout many fancy options of hotels, but you also can find moderate Chinesestandard comfortable hotels.

Picture Taking in nearly all thecultural relics

PictureTaking is forbidden in most of the heritage sites in Shanxi Province because ofbellowing reasons:

  • Culturalrelic protection specially flash is forbidden
  • Religion.As taking picture for the gods in the temple or grottoes or architecture is akind of disrespect.
  • Copyright

So please bring your camera but keep most ofthe impression in the mind.